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Spa Retreats in BC Canada

Spa Retreats in British Columbia

Once upon a time, the Belgian town of Spa installed public baths and fountains for the health and betterment of its citizens… And the rest, as they say, is history.

North America jumped onto the spa movement in the mid nineteenth century and by the early twentieth century, spas had grown into a popular trend. Many of the cities' well-to-do citizens would take doctor-prescribed visits to country spas to combat everything from influenza to gout to constipation. In fact, many of these facilities were at the forefront of modern and naturopathic medicine of the time. Today, spas are more associated with leisure and are part of a multi-million dollar industry that spans the world. From Russian bath houses to West Coast Jacuzzis, whether sauna, massage or pedicure, the concept of therapeutic leisure has a certain appeal that resonates with any individual who has the capacity to appreciate good, old fashioned pampering.

British Columbia has spa services that come in all shapes and sizes. Staying in Vancouver or Victoria? Numerous spas come equipped with all the peace and pampering you need to shake the city off for an afternoon or even for a full day! Vacationing a little further from civilization? No fear! Spas are an integral part of BC's tourist industry with fantastic facilities sprinkled across the province. Many of the spas that are situated in more remote, natural environments feature such luxuries as hot springs, mineral baths and pristine ocean and mountain views, not to mention lounges and even dining facilities.

Looking to earn your down-time? Many spas, particularly those in lodge or ranch environments include various other activities from eco-tours and hiking treks to straight-up gym-style exercise. Just because you're relaxing doesn't mean you can't break a sweat beforehand! And naturally, you're never far from various other activities such as mountain biking, horseback riding and even water-sports.

Going for a more zen-ish vacation? BC also enjoys a handful of specialized spas that cater to those who with a desire to master that latest yoga position, absorb some ancient wisdom or experience the transcendence of meditation. With many spas borrowing from yogic, Buddhist and Hindu traditions, it's quite possible to nurture the soul when you come to BC as much as you nurture the body.

Whatever your hankering, we know how to cater to your particular needs with spas that cover everything from your toenails to your inner peace. You're in British Columbia now. Relax!

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