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Baby Equipment Rentals

Traveling with a baby? We know you can't pack everything.

Wee Travel Baby Equipment Rentals makes it east to pack light and still have everything your baby needs for an enjoyable trip. We carry a full range of the latest can't-live-without baby gear, including folding cribs, car seats, highchairs, strollers, exersaucers, swings and bouncy chairs. We carry only the highest rated brands, and everything is safety inspected and sanitized between uses. We deliver to your accommodation prior to your arrival and pick up after you depart. Delivery is available within Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto, and surrounding areas. Discounts are available for extended rentals.

If you're worried that renting baby equipment will get you old, dirty and cheap gear, have no fear:

  • All our products meet Canadian safety standards. Although products sold in the US and Canada are similar, only products that meet Canadian standards are legal in Canada.
  • We monitor for safety recalls and safety inspect equipment between uses.
  • All equipment should be sanitized between uses using anti-bacterial non-toxic fragrance free products.
  • We update our products frequently so you can be sure the items you rent will be similar if not better that the items your kids have at home.
  • We offer a variety of brands and products. We know that children come in all different shapes and sizes, and one brand doesn't fit all. If you have a small car, we have seats to accommodate it. If you have a small child, we have seats with body pillows. Planning on jogging or just going all-day shopping? We have a variety of strollers to meet your needs.
  • We only rent folding cribs. Folding cribs come assembled so there's nothing for you to put together or take apart. Sure, regular cribs like the one you have at home might be prettier to look at, but they aren't meant to be taken apart and put back together over and over and over again, and there's a chance that doing so could lessen their safety.

If you're still not convinced that renting gear is the way to go, and are planning to make do without all the stuff you use at home, remember this:

  • Highchairs keep YOU clean. If you plan on feeding your baby on your lap, note that pablum holds better than hairspray.
  • We understand your reasons for buying an $11.99 disposal stroller for your trip, but your baby won't be as understanding.
  • Car seats are a lifesaver. They prevent you from having to take a bus from the airport because some cabbies won't put your baby at risk.
  • Before you forgo the crib or pack n play, you might want to ask baby his opinion on sleeping in your bed for a few nights.
  • Sure, baby can do without his swing for a few days. Afterall, nothing beats your undivided attention 24x7.

For a full listing of our products and services, please visit

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